Member Testimonials

Maria Kovaleva

Member since 2023

I am learning to hear my intuition and follow it. When I heard about the Toastmasters organization from a friend, I knew right away I should join. After the first trial in person meeting I felt the Place, the People, the Perspective. For the three months with the club I learned so much from my fellow members: courage, open mindedness, perseverance, trust and enormous compassion and support for each other. No wonder I jumped somewhat hesitating, but mostly excited into the role of The President of the Club for 6 months. It feels safe to develop my public speaking skills, to share my vision on Peace, and to get better in my leadership abilities in such a supportive environment. The Toastmasters organization is celebrating the 100 anniversary this year, and The Pathways, its time tested educational system, is a perfect way to develop your skills, be accountable to yourself for the progress, and become a legacy builder for your community. Joining The Toastmasters is a zero risk deal with enormous potential for your personal growth!

Riya Wang

Member since 2023

I joined Las Gatos Toastmasters a few months ago and instantly felt welcomed and encouraged. Even though I was already a member of another Toastmasters club, I decided to join Las Gatos. Since joining, I’ve grown so much as a member.
Soon after, I took on the role of VPE Education because of the incredible support from the club. I’ve learned and improved not just my speaking skills but also my confidence and social interactions with other members. This club feels like a trustworthy place where I can grow and achieve my personal goals.

If you’re interested in personal growth, don’t worry if you’re a bit scared. At Las Gatos Toastmasters, we’ll motivate and support you on your journey towards your goals. I highly recommend it.

Tom Bartasi

Member since 2019

I have been a member of Los Gatos Toastmasters since early 2020.  Since joining, I’ve fully committed to the Toastmasters process – attending weekly meetings on a regular basis, participating at each meeting – whether it be a small functionary role or giving a speech – and being part of the club’s leadership, and more.  As a result, I’ve seen my public speaking achieve levels outside the club that I would never have dreamed possible.  Becoming an accomplished and confident public speaker is a truly a superpower – one that is readily attainable by anyone willing to commit to the Toastmaster process and challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zones.  If I can do it, you can do it too!

Chris Genetti
Member since 2019

Thank you Los Gatos Toastmasters!

Since I started at the club 10 months ago my confidence in public speaking has grown and developed tremendously. The club is very supportive, filled with professionals, and always encourages me to keep growing.

As the club is hybrid online (Zoom) and in person, I’ve found the Toastmasters Pathways projects great ways to keep on track with speaking and learning objectives, smaller but very important items on reducing filler words and focusing on presence have been helpful, and being part of an environment of individuals that all seek to excel in this important skill set is invaluable.

Since joining I’ve had to speak and give presentations to in person sessions of 80+ engineers live, and several virtual sessions of 350+ virtually, and being a part of this club and holding myself to be accountable to take feedback and reach higher levels of proficiency has made all the difference in greater confidence and execution. Plus I’ve made some great acquaintances within the group as well.

Thank you and looking forward to many more years of membership as the thing that most people fear the most, public speaking, gets easier and more comfortable with every practice session.

Basant Ramachandran
Member since 2020

What if someone gave you a quartet of high value experiences rolled into a single capsule viz., a riveting learning platform, a safe environment to become the best speaker possible, ability to cross pollinate with like-minded professionals and above all the opportunity to build yourself up as a consummate leader?  All of that and more can be yours to have at the Los Gatos Toastmasters!

That has indeed been my own personal experience and it has turned out to be the best investment of my voluntary self-development hours.  An added bonus is the opportunity to meet and mix with fun-loving yet purposeful set of people.  We are a varied set of talented individuals and each of us bring our own strengths and experiences to help each other grow and manifest the best versions of ourselves. 

We are on the path to define our own esteemed identity in the vast ocean of Toastmaster clubs out there and are confident of continually drawing in members who will blend into and adopt that vision.  Come and join us and be part of a ride that will leave you enriched, motivated and above all confident as an inspired speaker and self-assured leader.  Thank you, LGTM. 

Afsoun Mobini
Member since 2018

Joining this group gave me an opportunity to become a better speaker and communicator. Los Gatos Toastmasters is a diverse group, friendly and welcoming. The best part of this experience is meeting new people from all walks of life who create a comfortable place for practicing and improving public speaking skills.

Ganesh Ramachandran
Member since 2018

I have been a member at the LGTM since Oct 2018 and enjoy going to every meeting! There are two joys for me at the club, the first is meeting wonderful people & the second is the opportunity the club provides to learn and grow.

No matter where you are in your career —  you may be a college student, early in your work career, in your mid-career or you may be in your retirement —  there is something in the club for you to learn and grow and equally important, there is someone in the club for you to lookup to as a role-model.

When you join LGTM, you join a dynamic club that appreciates new members, helps integrate you into the club and helps you grow. Many of our officers are first-timers, and they followed the same path you took: they walked into a meeting, said hello, and in some weeks they gave their first speech, and now are officers of the club helping and serving others.

If you are reading this, you have come to the right place! I look forward to meeting and greeting you at our meeting!

Phoebe Casetta
Member since 2018

I always enjoy going to Los Gatos Toastmasters club. All the team members are friendly and supportive. They are also very techie. The team has digitized all the processes from signing in to delivering presentation and providing feedback.

If you want to improve your presentation skills while adapting to the new normal in the digital world, please come check it out!!!