This is our tech corner. We are doing cool things in-and-out of our meetings. Our goal is to completely eliminate paper from our meetings for the environment and to make it easier to meet anywhere.

The following tools have been setup by our club officers so that they may improve Small-Medium-Business (SMB) skills. New members are encouraged to take part in these fun activities.

This website is hosted on a free-tier Amazon AWS EC2 t2-micro web-server instance using Bitnami free software. We use Route 53 DNS to manage our registered domains.

Trello is a simple & fun project management app we use for selecting meeting roles and searching member’s participation history.

We use an Android Tablet in our meetings for Guest Check-Ins using Google Forms. E-mails received are added to our weekly news blast. This helps us avoid the difficulty of reading people’s hand writing and gives us the ability to collaborate after the meetings.

Our weekly news blast (newsletter) is designed using MailChimp e-mail campaigns. Not only is the design clean and modern but gives us a report on the effectiveness of the campaigns.

In the meetings we use our tablet to video record speeches to our private YouTube playlist which gives our members a way to track progress and hone their public speaking skills.

At every meeting we use Google slides to cast the meeting agenda to our micro-projector instead of printing it.

Square PoS payment dongle is used to collect credit card payments for new members. We also take paypal, cash and check.

In an effort to eliminate paper ballots we have recently started using Poll Everywhere mobile apps so that meeting participants can vote for Best Table Topics speech giver and also to provide speech feedback. Doing it this way avoids reading people’s hand writing and allows us to save to a pdf.

Finally, we are considering having our club Treasurer start using QuickBooks Online accounting to grow his/her finance skills.